Our Mission

In 21st Century in all fields of Engineering, Electronics, Electric and Automobiles, New technologies are coming up resulting in getting advanced commodities like Mobiles, Computers & Cars. Still new research development is continued on large scale. The Sport World is also drastically changing. New research and development work is in different games. From the childhood, I loved to play different games. Then I was participating in sports as Coach, Referee & official. While doing this I experienced and learned so many new things in sports. While I was working as sports teacher in MES BSM School, in 2003 I invented the New Game – “Roll Ball”. I thought that this game will be loved by students and youngsters. They will enjoy this game. So I started this new game Roll Ball.

Groups of Younger players shall play different games. They should get more knowledge of more games. They should be able to play game of their own choice. They should be able to get happiness and energy while playing the game. They should get tested in their Speed, Balance, Accuracy and Team Work. The players should develop their feelings for Team Work and Pride of Nation. Taking these entire things into consideration, as a Sports Teacher I invented this game.

Now our mission is to spread this 21st Century born game ‘Roll Ball’ in maximum countries, reach all students/players in schools, colleges, universities and clubs of these countries and to give opportunity of playing Roll Ball to students/players. Through this game a feeling of brotherhood can be created in all players in the world.

About IRBF - About International Roll Ball Federation (IRBF)

International Roll Ball Federation(IRBF) is the mother body of Roll Ball and its headquarters is situated in Pune-India. Through this federation, Roll Ball is getting spread and developed in the World. IRBF organizes International and Continental Competitions, Seminars and workshops for Players, Coaches, Referees and Officials.

Information of About IRBF, Sponsorship, Donor - Sponsorship/Donors

For development of Roll Ball in allover world different tournaments and seminars, workshops, coaching camps are to be organized. Funds are required for performing these activities on big scale. This is nearly fulfilled by the donations given by the people from the society

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