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4th Federation Cup 2024
2024-05-04 2024-05-05

4th Federation Cup 2024

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Sport Accord 2024
2024-04-07 2024-04-11

The International Roll Ball Federation is thrilled to announce its participation as an exhibitor at the SportAccord World Sports Convention and Business Summit 2024 to be held at West Midlands, Birmingham UK from 7th to 11th April 2024.

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Pillars of Roll Ball

Roll Ball game stands on 4 pillars i.e. Balance Speed Accuracy and Team Work which is very important in athletes life. Everyone should understand its importance and execute it in day to day life.


Speed is a vital component of this sport, as it enables players to create scoring opportunities and chase down opponents.


Balance is a crucial aspect of sports performance. In many sports, athletes need to maintain their balance while moving quickly and changing direction.


To develop accuracy, athletes must develop the technical skills and physical attributes needed to execute precise movements.

Team Work

Teamwork involves effective communication, trust, and collaboration among team members to achieve a common goal.